Maid Blast Knows How to Clean Kitchens in California 

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Maid Blast is the maid service to call for all of your kitchen cleaning needs. Maid Blast employs professional maids to ensure your kitchen sparkles.

Why Are Kitchens So Dirty?

Your kitchen is one of the dirtiest spaces in your house because it is high-traffic, and subject to spills, drops and general wear and tear. Kitchens (and bathrooms) are the #1 reason customers call maid services. People love their kitchens, but hate cleaning them.

How Maid Blast Cleans Your Kitchen

Maid Blast will send an experienced maid to your home to clean your kitchen and focus on the following areas of your kitchen:

  • Countertops – whether they are granite, quartz or laminate, our maids know how to properly clean kitchen countertops.
  • Backsplash – we will clean your kitchen backsplash and remove dirt, grease and debris.
  • Cupboards – our maids will clean the exterior and interior of your cupboards
  • Drawers – our maids will clean the exterior and interior of your kitchen drawers and lower cupboards.
  • Appliances – our maids will properly clean the exterior and interior of your fridge, stove and microwave. The maids will also clean under the stove and behind the fridge (assistance might be required if it is a solo cleaner)
  • Floors – our maids will make your kitchen floors shine.
  • Kitchen Table – we will wipe and clean your kitchen table and chairs
  • High Corners / Floor Corners – we will ensure the high corners and floor corners of your kitchen are dusted and cleaned
  • Sink / Dishes – our maids will clean the interior and exterior of your sink, and clean and put away any dishes that may be lingering
  • Baseboards – if your kitchen has baseboards, our maid will clean the baseboards in your kitchen.

Customer Satisfaction

Maid Blast always ensures that customers are happy with the cleaning service that was provided. At the end of each cleaning service, we invite the customer to do a “walk-thru” and assess the work that has been completed and offer their opinions. If something is not to the customers liking, the cleaner will fix the problem when she or he is on site.

Book Service To Clean Your Kitchen

If you want a Quote or to Book Service to clean your kitchen, please give us a call throughout California at 1-888-970-6448

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